Political Post

There are so many things going on with my family right now, especially with Simon, but that’s not what’s foremost on my mind these days.  For a while, it’s been about politics and our country’s new administration.  So, bear with me and ignore if you would like, but I am taking this opportunity to have my say on a few things.


What made me decide to write this post right now?  Well, it’s mainly because of a phone call I had yesterday with someone.  I was sitting around the table with my family and we try not to have heated political discussions in front of the kids — polite discussion and debate is fine.  But right now, that’s not an option (I’ll take the blame for that one….I’m too emotionally invested).  Typically, my husband and I don’t agree on most things politic (and that’s fine).  I grew up in a similar atmosphere and appreciate the ability for debate on these topics.  We want the kids to be able to form their own political ideologies rather than just restate what their parents believe.  And since our viewpoints are often opposed with one another, we try and keep that under control.


This person is someone who I’m connected to on Facebook (as well as many other ways).  I happen to know that person is also unhappy about our new administration, but seems to be more quiet about it.  Basically, on the phone I was told to stop posting my opinions on Facebook.


There are two places where I post what I think and believe online:  Facebook and this blog.  My first place to do that is Facebook.  There I have a greater audience and because of the nature of social media, it tends to bring on both support and debate, keeping everything alive and “real”.  Here I just post and I MIGHT get a comment or two, but really nothing interactive.


Since the election there is nothing that the sitting president has done that I think is a good thing for our country, our planet, humanity, basically for anyone or anything other than himself.  And I know I’m not alone.  I don’t support his choices for his cabinet or his staff; I don’t support his executive orders; I don’t support his petty behavior and his temper tantrums that I refuse to tolerate from my Autistic children.  This statement isn’t a surprise to ANYONE who knows me.  I’ve been a vocal opposer against him from the moment I realized that his candidacy caused a real threat and continue to be vocal in my own way.  I would have loved to join with the many marchers on January 21, but made the decision to stay home (although I did make a wearable banner and invited others to use it if they wanted).  There is a big part of me that regrets the decision and I am so proud of the many who went out on my behalf around the world!


But just because I didn’t march doesn’t mean I support anything that is happening in the city just a few miles from my home.  I make my daily phone calls; I encourage others to do the same and to oppose the appointments that I find most egregious.  I encourage others to call and inform their elected officials their positions on the issues that will be put to a vote in the very near future.  I try to do it in a non-partisan way (when encouraging others to take action)…..the truth is that these steps can be done by those who agree with me or those who don’t.


I also post some of the news stories that come across my “Newsfeed”.  Most of the time, I confirm that the story is real and not just what the headline implies; I sometimes put my own commentary in my posting.  For most things, I try to find articles from other sources to make sure that I’m not just blanketly believing everything I read.  I try to find things from sources that tend to be more to the right (since many of the things that come across my newsfeed tend to be biased to the left) to minimize bias.  But so many things that are being done by this administration are just plainly and simply WRONG!


So, as a message to the person I was conversing on the phone with yesterday…..I will continue to fight this fight.  I will continue to help spread the word that our existing administration is corrupt and has no intention of supporting anyone other than themselves.  I will continue to point out the parallels between where we are (and where we are heading) to 1930s Germany (because yes, I do believe it to be THAT bad).  I will continue to practice what I have been taught as both a Jew and as an American Citizen — that we stand up for one another and help those who are incapable of helping themselves.  That we welcome the refugees who have no place else to go.  That we don’t condemn someone because of the god(s) they worship, but by their personal actions.


“When a foreigner resides among you in your land, do not mistreat them.  The foreigner residing among you must be treated as your native-born.  Love them as yourself, for you were foreigners in Egypt.”  (Leviticus 19:33-34)


This fight is far from over.



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