The Responsibility of Voting (my perspective of it, anyway)

With Election Day being tomorrow (unless you voted early or absentee), I thought it was time to post something like this. I am a registered Democrat, and proud to be so. Not because of my opinion of the current Republican versus Democrat Presidential candidate, but because the Democratic Party is more in alignment with my personal political opinions. However, when I go to the polls to vote, I do not vote for the Democratic Party. I vote for the candidate that I feel is best suited for a particular job.

In the past, I have voted for Democrats and Republicans in all election levels (local, county, state and federal) and also third party candidates in local and county level (don’t think I ever had a preferred candidate at the state or federal level that wasn’t represented by one of the two major parties). Yes, I vote for the “D” more often than the others, and I have not yet voted for a presidential candidate that wasn’t on the Democratic Party’s ticket, but that’s not because of my party affiliation but because of my opinion that the Democratic candidate was my better choice.

I also freely post on Facebook about my political beliefs, either in my status or by sharing articles written and shared by others. Yes, these are all biased. If I’m posting my opinion, I am already biased because I HAVE an opinion. And chances are if you are reading what I write, you are also biased one way of the other because you already have YOUR OWN opinion (which may or may not match my own).

When you go to vote yourself, that vote is YOUR say. It’s YOUR opportunity to say where we should be heading. YOUR feelings as to which candidate represents what is important to YOU. It’s not about the PARTY; It’s about the CANDIDATE! Everyone will try and influence you to see things their way…’s in our nature…..but in the end, it’s YOUR vote. YOU get to say where we need to be heading. And even if it feels like a single vote doesn’t matter, it really does. It opens the door to debate and discussion. It allows us to consider the need for change and growth. Your vote may not tip the balance by itself, but it can be a part of an avalanche that is coming down the road.

So please go out and vote on Tuesday (or, if you’ve already done so, thank you). Tell everyone how we need to go forward versus remaining stagnant. Don’t follow a PARTY line, but look at what the INDIVIDUAL believes or represents. If we all do that, then we are fulfilling our DUTY to shape our community, state, and country.


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