Summer Vacation

Two words that many parents DREAD!  During the school year, there is organization; activities; plans.  Yes, things may be crazy at certain times (especially towards the end of the year), but everyone knows where everyone needs to be and when.  During the summer, that all seems to go away.


That’s especially true for us this year.  Big Brother has a couple of camps lined up for August, but the twins…..well, I screwed up.  I planned to sign them up for a camp that they’ve attended the last 2 years.  I always signed them up in mid-May and there was always PLENTY of room.  This year, at that time, they were all FULL!  (these are county run camps…..several different locations)  So, for now everyone is home with me.  I had some ideas, and some of them have come to fruition.  Everyone is doing homework every day.  They visit a math website ( daily and do the challenges presented to them, so it’s tailored to their individual abilities and it only takes 10-15 minutes.  Big Brother has his summer homework packet which is very specific.  The twins have their packet as well, but I’m adding typing practice to theirs by finding computer games that they find fun and having them learn this skill (since they love to spend time on the computer so much, they can learn to touch-type this summer).


We also had plans to spend a lot of time at the pool.  That hasn’t been working out quite as well as planned.  The weather just hasn’t been cooperating much.  There is a constant threat of thunderstorms and being caught in the rain is probably Rachel’s biggest trigger.  Simon doesn’t like it much either and when Rachel goes off, Simon is likely to as well in response to her.  Double meltdowns, especially near a pool, is not something that enjoy dealing with, so we’ve been sticking around the house until it’s nearly time for swim team practice (which has us at the pool from as early as 5:30 until as late as 8:00, just for practices themselves).  See, since Simon is still learning the ABSOLUTE basics and his stamina and attention is so low, he practices with the littlest kids on the team from 5:30-6:00.  Rachel joins her peers from 6:00-7:00…..she is one of the weakest swimmers in that time slot, but socially she is where she belongs.  And Big Brother practices with the big kids from 7:00-8:00.  Dad comes by the house before heading to the pool himself to collect a picnic dinner and we just “hang out” at the pool until the twins and I are ready to come home (Dad stays with Big Brother until the end of practice).


So, what have we been doing with our days?  Well, I mentioned the homework and the typing practice.  After begging us for nearly a year, Big Brother has finally been given permission to form his own YouTube channel (Xerlan) and he is learning to create MineCraft videos and posting as he goes.  I’ve taken the twins the  grocery store once already and am planning another trip tomorrow (because I couldn’t manage to pick up everything we needed over the weekend).  Big Brother knows that he can feel free to hop on his bike and visit his friends (as long as I know where he is going and we agree on where and when to meet up).  And then we have swim team taking up our late afternoons and evenings, weather permitting.


We’re getting through, and considering how badly this camp situation messed me up when I first realized it, it’s not going so badly.  I do need to figure something out though and make sure that these kids are getting that energy out.  Hopefully, once we get through these storms that are hanging around (looks like the next couple of days), my original plan of heading to the pool at around 2:00 will come to fruition.


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